I'm an avid bookie, this is going be a clusterfuck of titles 🙃
  1. Harry Potter
    And the fictional character who changed the fundamental structure of fiction for an entire generation.
  2. Ready Player One
    Classic dystopian society with pro gaming skills. Also, tasteful and frequent 80s pop culture. Win win.
  3. The Book Thief
    The narrator seemed like a nice guy
  4. The Great Gatsby
    The Myrtle death scene is funny, and I'm not sorry.
  5. One More Thing
    B.J. had such a beautiful mind 🙄
  6. Stardust
    Under-appreciated Neil Gaiman novel
  7. The letters of Vincent Van Gogh
    He really had so much love and passion to give, even when the world had none to reciprocate. Ugly crying guaranteed.
  8. The Magicians (series)
    It's Harry Potter for 20-somethings. The protagonist is stupid, but lbh we're here for the *real* magic. Also, it's a TV show??
  9. The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy
    An appropriate title could of also been: Life goals. Towels, depressed robots, evil mice, flying spaceships, hostage situations, and planetary destruction, all with a happy ending.
  10. The very hungry caterpillar
    That illustrated food looks better than anything I've ever eaten. Also, this is a biography.