Gripes I have about the far

As I watched today Suicide Squad, here are a few observations I have about where their movie franchises are. As a fan of super heroes growing up and watching Saturday morning cartoons, I do believe they deserve better. This is just my opinion. All your observations are welcomed.
  1. Trying to cram too much
    I think this is the biggest problem so far. Too many story lines firing at the same time. Case in point: Batman vs. Superman. I really didn't buy the villain, or the reason both of them were fighting. And to add insult to injury, the reason they stopped the battle. Utterly disappointing.
  2. No cohesion in the DCU
    Maybe this is a decision by the powers that be in WB and DC, in my case, I like all my heroes to be in the place. Example the MCU and the television series take place in the same universe, so what happens in one place affects the other. But hey, that's just me.
  3. Casting choices
    So far I haven't identified with any of the characters to the point of enjoying their presence on the silver screen. Ben Affleck still has to prove he can be Batman, maybe a stand alone movie will help to change my view. However, this is not the case for the TV series, I really love the Flash
  4. Chill man, just chill
    The end game for the DCU is the Justice League movie. In the aforementioned movies we see how desperate they are to let us know it's coming. Somehow, you take away the spotlight from the actual movie. It took Marvel some time to get us into their movie universe. And when the Avengers came out many of us were very excited and it blew many of our expectations (I didn't enjoy that much the second one).
  5. Is Wonder Woman their last chance?
    So far the trailer looks good. Action packed, witty dialogue, a take on the classic uniform. For me, at least, this is their last opportunity to get me interested in the other movie franchise super heroes. I'm not looking forward to an Aquaman movie; but hey...maybe this one turns out to be their Guardians of the Galaxy