Awooga, my Bernese mountain dog, has been an amazing puppy so far. Here is a list of a majority of my dialogue with him:
  1. Sit!
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    He thinks he should be standing. I think he should be sitting. The struggle is real.
  2. Down!
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    He really likes pretending he is taller then he is. Dude, just enjoy being a puppy. Soon you will basically be a tiny, furry, horse.
  3. Stop!
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    Awooga has lived with a perpetual green-light in his head.
  4. No biting!
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    No matter how many times you nibble on me I'm not going to taste any better.
  5. No, you can't have him!
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    This is mostly said around him towards sorority girls who have a crazy look in their eye like they are going to try to steal him.
  6. Drop it!
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    When he can't bite me, he enjoys biting and carrying around other things. He likes shoes more than a suburban housewife.
  7. Good boy!
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    By far, this is what he hears the most. I love this little guy!