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There are moments when the sheer ludicrous nature of lyrics is completely overshadowed by the total beauty of a song and I can't help but sing along with joy:
  1. Levon
  1. I really like these rustic grapevine trees I see around.
  2. Wow! Those pretty grapevine trees are kind of expensive
  3. You know something, we live in the woods.....you know, where grapevine grows
4 more...
  1. I'm a girl and, hence, have never been a brother. I do, however, have strong feelings about brothers.
  2. I have two brothers and my earliest memories are of fighting with my brother.
  3. I remember so clearly when my mother lost her brother in an auto accident. Her loss has always colored how I think about brothers and how lucky I am to have them.
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  1. If your children ask to do something and it's not illegal or dangerous, always try to make it happen and try to participate.
  2. Carpe Diem. Not really told to me specifically, but I always interpreted this for my children as, don't let the day happen to you....you seize the day.
  3. When in need of an outfit for a special occasion, start with a pair of fabulous shoes and then work up. No one ever went wrong with great shoes. This one I made up and it had worked every time.
  4. Before you leave the house, take s look on the mirror and remove one accessory