1. This your chance to be internet famous, don't blow it Kristin
    Being a teacher, I have to keep my Insta, Twitter, and Snapchat private. However, Li.st is like the Wild Wild West. Not enough parents/students to be on it to monitor what I say on the interwebz. Need to become internet famous before my students figure out this app
  2. How do I build a Li.st empire with my sisters?
    How do @kasepaul @kelsey_paul @ItsKP @k8mcgarry build a Li.st empire? Who will be in charge of making a line of mediocre lip gloss? Who will manage our boutique that is always empty? Will my dad start wearing make-up? Already stressed out with our Li.st empire.
  3. Am I doing this right?
    Wingapo Li.st community. Please help me. Sorry if I offend anyone by breaking one of the unspoken rules of Li.st.
  4. You have to be smart to Li.st
    Twitter is pithy 160 character comments. Instagram is selfies with emoji captions. In Li.st, you actually have to be smart to be entertaining. I like you guys already
  5. My aunts will never find that this app exists
    Aunt: "So Kristin, explain to me what your sister meant when she tweeted that Shawn Mendes asked her for nudes." *Facepalm* #GodBlessLis.st
  6. Kanye would like Li.st
    Instead of rattling off 13 tweets in a row, why not Li.st Ye?
  7. I have arrived