Reasons Why Mama Paul is an OG

Today is my mom's birthday. Just wanted to throw together a list to show why she's so amazing. (Obviously this list is condensed. Otherwise, it'd be the longest list in history.)
  1. She inspired my love for food
    "Let me finish this ice cream cone, while my baby looks up in disappointment"
  2. She's a team player
    At 6 months pregnant, she climbed up on Shamu so we could get this epic family photo
  3. She's a huge sports fan
    When the NHL lockout ended, she woke us all up early and made "hockey pucks" for us for breakfast. Complete with "NHL" spelt out in butter.
  4. Every Christmas she gets the four of us gifts we don't WANT, but NEED
  5. She's excellent at photo bombing
  6. When Biggie Smalls come on, you better believe she's on the dance floor.
    At my cousin's wedding on Long Island, it was going on till 2 am. She was trying to round us up and get back to the hotel, then Hypnotize came on and started chanting "Where Brooklyn at?!"
  7. Every Mother's Day I send her Kanye's "Hey Mama" and it speaks to her.
    Just want to tell the whole world about a friend of mine, This little light of mine, and I'm finally gonna let it shine.
  8. But seriously she can quote Ye and Jay-Z
  9. She can spot internet bloggers like A-List celebrities.
  10. She's on the pulse of the people
    This is what she texted our family for the Super Bowl Half Time Show this year. #Coldplay #Snooze
  11. She's my mom