Things I'd Put In The Stanley Cup

Since I'm a huge Penguins fans, here are some things I'd like to put in the Stanley Cup if given the chance.
  1. Queso
  2. Puppies (specifically golden retriever)
  3. Macaroni 'n Cheese
    Gourmet only. The real cheesy stuff. The Cup is too good for boxed, powdered cheese.
  4. Joe Manganiello's sweat
    The hottest thing to come out of Pittsburgh next to steel right out of the mill
  5. Frozen Margaritas
  6. Black Tap Milkshake
    The only way to aesthetically improve the Cup is drizzling its sides with chocolate syrup.
  7. The tears of Flyers fans
  8. Cookie Dough
  9. Ice Cream
    Not like a few scoops, but enough to fill a kitchen sink. Yum