1. The L Train
    Sure, I can take a cab from the airport yet I love the train ride in to the city. It's above ground and I love seeing the city in front of me. Definitely turn on a Common or Kayne playlist to really get in my groove as I'm on my way to the Wicker Park Damen Blue Line stop😎
  2. The Violet Hour
    With its secret door usually covered in an amazing mural, what's not to love? Cocktails are magical. Herbaceous or floral? Smoky or citrus? Get cozy with the bartenders in their 1920's fit and they'll go all out on creating the best sips for you. With the dark lighting and high back chairs it feels a little like being in a new age Alice in Wonderland scene.
  3. The Architectural boat tour
    I do this tour every year. It's seriously the greatest way to bathe in the Chicago vibes. I highly recommend starting at Navy Pier where the tour starts out on Lake Michigan entering into the Chicago River.
  4. Kingston Mines
    Super old school Jazz and Blues house. Love to dance there too.
  5. DMK burgers
    When I'm in the mood for protein!!
  6. Kuma's Corner
    Also best burgers. Major biker bar. The original location is the best!
  7. Green Mill
    One of the original gangster bars! A must see.
  8. Silver Seafood
    Best Chinese food across from the Green Mill!! Love UPTOWN
  9. Chaun Spa at the Langham Hotel
    One of the most lovely Spa and Hotel experiences! Multiple steam rooms with different essential oil aromas, a Himalayian Pink Salt wall steam room, pool, private "sound healing" pods to lay in! Vibes, aromas and enough relaxation to last you a few months.
  10. MANA food bar
    BEST vegetarian food. I eat there multiple times when I'm in town. Chill, intimate and simply so good.
  11. Core Power Yoga
    I'm not drawn to mainstream yoga yet when I'm really busy in Chicago this company is great because they have so many locations, just like starbucks. #aquicksweat
  12. Women & Children First bookstore
    Suggested by @ChrisK