1. Waking up to texts from people you love and enjoy
  2. Slow mornings
  3. Being perfectly on time
  4. Eating fast food and watching Netflix on your phone in a parked car
  5. Freshly-mowed grass
  6. Haikus
  7. Watching people doodle
  8. Drinking apple juice straight from the bottle
  9. Weeds that look like flowers
  10. Eating McDonald's while driving
  11. Cute panties
  12. Falling in love with band members you don't know
  13. Paul Simon
  14. Bob's Burgers
  15. My dog Georgia
  16. Making lists
  17. Eucalyptus spearmint candles from Bath and Body Works
  18. When it's overcast and the sky is all grey and it makes the grass look greener
  19. Napping with my dog
  20. Baby ducks
  21. When you and your friends pick up each other's mannerisms
  22. Genuine compliments, both giving and receiving
  23. When your pet is sleeping and they rest their head, paw, arm, etc on you ever so gently
  24. Max Greenfield
  25. Staying up all night and going to sleep after the sun starts to rise
  26. Waking up really early for trips
  27. Moving (and packing)
  28. When the sun is just rising and everything looks tinted blue
  29. Live tweeting your feelings
  30. Having an entire day with no obligations
  31. Bright yellow nail polish
  32. When someone just gets out of the shower and the house smells like soap and shampoo
  33. When dogs sleep on their beds
  34. Kristen Bell’s speaking voice