I have a lot more than one for each, but here's a sampling. I may need to do a Vol 2. I hope I haven't missed anyone!
  1. That time you had your sweet baby girl and I came over & brought crazy rolls & that strawberry dessert. The memory of holding Baby Blueberry for the first time and eating sushi with my friend is one of my happiest ones.
  2. When you & Jess were the BEST CHEERLEADERS EVER for my first half marathon. I could NOT have finished it if it weren't for you two. Oh, and then getting to be a cheerleader WITH you and @amieshmamie ! So, technically that's two memories, but it's my damn list, right?
  3. When we were homeschooling and I had to go out of town for a week-long press trip. You graciously agreed to watch my girls while I was gone. Every. Day. AND you made them dinner! You're such good people.
  4. Despite your strong aversion to other people's children (except @amieshmamie's), you came to my book launch for my children's book. As you sat practically engulfed by children, you were visibly uncomfortable. I was so grateful for your support.
  5. You & Sarah driving 11 hours round trip to be at my mom's funeral. There are no words, dear friend.
  6. Your and @iammeghanmurray's wedding. I was so freaking happy for you guys. You two remain on the short list of cutest couple on the planet for me.
  7. When I first met you way way back & I found out out you guys were homeschoolers, too. I thought that I hope my girls end up as cool as you.
  8. That time someone told me you and @amieshmamie were dating and I was like "what!?" Then I was like "well of course they are!". Perfectly matched.
  9. If I'm being honest, I didn't always love working in children's ministry. But among the times that I LOVED it was every single drama skit I did with this fool.
  10. Working in children's ministry together and uncannily being able to simultaneously note very. Single. "That's what she said" opportunity.