I promised them amnesty if they helped me with my list.
  1. Even though I know I don't know any of the lyrics, I continue to attempt to sing the song.
    They're just jealous of my freestyling ability.
  2. Whenever we order food but I say I don't want anything, then I'm like "ooh! Can I have some of that?" to my family.
    I honestly have no recollection of doing this. Liars.
  3. I ask my husband's opinion on something (that usually has two options), then I do the opposite of what he suggests.
  4. Not giving them time to clean up something before I fuss at them for not cleaning it up.
    Like they were actually going to clean it up. 😂
  5. I make it obvious when the cats sit on my lap. I'm all like "Oh my gosh, Lizzie, you're so annoying."
    My passive aggressive way of pointing out that the cats clearly love me most.
  6. Exhibit B
  7. They're delusional. I'm flawless.