Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. I'll hopefully die super old and in my sleep and looking something like this.
  2. Confetti
    I want it thrown everywhere. I finally made to Heaven, it's a party, people!
  3. Great songs. Nothing slow and sad.
    Rend Collective, Rosemary Clooney, and excellent live music are all acceptable. @classyAF you'll have to drag your ass out of the nursing home to sing.
  4. Cremate my ass.
    FIRST, donate all my organs that work and can be useful to others. Then scatter me somewhere in the Caribbean - preferably Turks & Caicos. Those mourning my loss could use an amazing vacation anyway.
  5. Or...
  6. Donate my whole body to Science.
    Ship me to the Body Farm, cart me off to some university, or plastinate me and put in the next Body Worlds exhibit.
  7. Please remember the good things about me.
    And try to forget the shitty things I've done (college friends have the most to try & forget).
  8. Drink lots of really good wine in my honor.