Requested by Amie

Hair Colors I've Had

This list was requested by @amieshmamie and is in no way an exhaustive list of my hair colors. I just didn't document them all.
  1. First leap into "unnatural" hair color. Circa 2005
    Lots of brown & a leeeetle bit of pink. I was growing my hair out to donate. Couldn't go blonde any more, so this was my way of being somewhat stylish.
  2. Little more pink
    Had donated my hair. Back to blonde, but wanted more color.
  3. Asymmetrical
    With my badass hair stylist, Ashton. She is the absolute best and has a ton of patience with my whims.
  4. Probably my fave
    I loved that we started with Aqua, but then when I touched it up I added dark blue. It was like the ocean. I felt like a mermaid every day
  5. One color became boring to me
    Blue & purple were a fun combo
  6. Holiday hair
    Gave my hair a bleach break & went back to brown over the winter. I needed Christmas color.
  7. Currently my hair is like my profile pic, but will likely change in a couple of weeks.
  8. The reason for my penchant for wearing fun & colorful styles may be best described by this childhood photo that pretty much depicted my entire hair life as a kid.