Joe & I have been married for almost 24 years. Eeep! It wasn't an earth-shattering beginning, but something must have clicked 😂
  1. Joe's best friend (Mike) & I had a broadcasting class together in college.
  2. We had to write and produce a commercial.
  3. Joe was his "talent".
  4. On film day, Joe walked in with his long hair, tie dye shirt, awesome tan, and cut off khakis. I was smitten.
  5. Lucky for me, he was available.
  6. Not so lucky for me, Joe really sucked at asking girls out.
  7. His timing was way off on first two attempts (one of which was his fraternity's formal 😳) WTF?
  8. That was late April
  9. I left in May for a summer internship at CNN in Atlanta.
  10. Joe who? 😜
  11. Late August. School's back in. More classes with Mike.
  12. Conversation in class went something like: Dude. What's Joe up to?
  13. Sept. 4 - first date
  14. Married a year and 2 months after that! 😍
  15. Anything you'd like to add @joetolley ?
  16. Here's the frat formal we did go to after we actually started dating.
    I got more than a day's notice, which was nice.