I Had a Great Dream Last Night...

  1. In my dream, I had this fantastic British accent.
    If I talked like this in real life, I would seriously never shut up.
  2. I was having a conversation with Martin Freeman.
    It was understood in my dream that this was the beginning stages of a romantic relationship.
  3. We were discussing my plans for the week (work-wise).
    I was a nanny of some sort.
  4. We decided we would meet for dinner Friday evening when I finished work.
  5. I told him I would take a cab to his place.
    I didn't want him to go out of his way.
  6. That was agreeable.
  7. We had a few awkward smiles and pleasant conversation.
    My mind was still focused on our upcoming date, apparently.
  8. I was telling myself I needed to refrain from going to bed with him on the first date.
    I wanted this relationship to last, and didn't want him to think I was a slut.
  9. Then I woke up.
  10. Now I can't stop thinking about what a fun date we would have had.
  11. And if I made good on my promise to myself.