Starring Anthony @Bourdain
  1. I was at my house (though not really my house). All of a sudden, I was teleported to boat in Caribbean.
    It was dreamy. Skimming over top the sapphire water with the sun on my face..*sigh*
  2. The scene changed to Anthony Bourdain in bed with a scratched up face. I'm sitting on the bed discussing what could have happened to his face.
  3. But it wasn't as if we were communicating in person. It was actually some kind of social media app.
  4. Next scene I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth.
  5. Anthony Bourdain comes in to brush his teeth beside me. Playful banter ensues.
  6. And we start wrestling playfully.
  7. Then we start making out.
  8. I like him a lot, but have never thought of of him in a romantic sense. But now I don't know.