1. My daughter & I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday.
    We were looking for things to create Spirit Week outfits for school. And buying birthday gifts for friends.
  2. Christmas things were out, so we decided to look around and get decorating ideas.
  3. I saw this beautiful Victorian Christmas girl. It was a wooden cut out type picture you would hang.
  4. Something like this.
  5. And I said to my daughter: "Grammie would have loved this."
    She loved all things Victorian.
  6. And before I knew what happened, I began sobbing uncontrollably.
    Not quiet and barely noticeable. Ugly, loud sobs that made people stop and look at me.
  7. I quickly darted into an aisle to keep from embarrassing my daughter even more than I already had.
  8. She's beside me in a few seconds hugging me and crying, too.
  9. I apologized for being an embarrassment.
  10. "It's okay," she said "It happens to me, too."
  11. They say grief comes and goes in waves.
    It's so true.
  12. Sometimes you can jump them and just get a little wet.
  13. And sometimes they knock you down so hard you don't want to get up.
  14. Damn you, Hobby Lobby.