1. Seems like an odd thing for a 47-year-old to do.
    I haven't changed my name, and I stopped dotting my "I"s with hearts years ago.
  2. I haven't liked my capital "T"s for a long time.
  3. They look odd and never seem to go with the rest of the letters.
  4. Exhibit A
  5. Exhibit B
  6. Yuck.
  7. I feel like my new "T" fits my personality better.
    Less traditional. Bold-ish. Fun.
  8. Exhibit A
  9. Exhibit B
  10. Right?
  11. I hope this doesn't have repercussions as far as legal documents go.
    I'm changing my signature, not my name, right?
  12. Maybe I'm making this more of a deal than it really is.
  13. Or maybe I just ran out of li.st ideas today.