And a dodgy air conditioner.
  1. The AC should really be cooler.
  2. This is going to be a long ass drive.
  3. Traffic sucks.
  4. Gah! Get out of my way.
  5. Only 3 hours? This sucks.
  6. Please stop making that noise with your seat.
  7. Please stop making that noise.
  8. Please stop.
  9. Naked feet now. Greaaaattt.
  10. It's hot.
  11. Why am I so bitchy?
  12. What the hell is wrong with his toenail?
  13. Ew. I saw a toe like that in a nursing home once.
  14. I gotta get out of this freaking van.
  15. And I want an RV?
  16. I must be mental.
  17. YAAAASS! Home!
  18. Florida was fun. We should totally do that again!