1. My daughter: Do you think I'll get dress coded for this outfit tomorrow?
    She's wearing a super long tee shirt (that's practically knee length) & leggings
  2. Me: You shouldn't
  3. Her: what if I do? Will you bring me jeans if they call you?
  4. Me: No. I'll be like "I saw what she had on. It's totally fine. Your dress code rules are stupid." And I would text them the middle finger emoji.
  5. Her: Yeah. You see what I have on. It's not like you don't know what I'm wearing.
  6. Me: Who would be calling me?
  7. Her: I don't know. Mr. Wallace maybe.
    Mr. Wallace is the principal.
  8. Me: I'd text Mr. Wallace the middle finger emoji and defy his stupid dress code.