My New Amazing Hair (The Story) 💇🏻

Thanks for the list suggestion! 💕💜💕💜
  1. I've been coloring my hair offbeat colors for so long, it really seems normal to me.
  2. Here's how it all started.
  3. Before when I was all blonde, I expressed my individuality through cuts & styles.
  4. Several years ago I decided I wanted to donate my hair to locks of love.
  5. However, they can't use bleached hair.
  6. So I let my natural brown grow out.
    It. Took. For. EVER.
  7. I got super bored with my mousy brown one-length hair.
  8. So, I had my stylist bleach a strip of my bangs, and we dyed it turquoise.
  9. When it got long enough to donate, we chopped it all off.
    And added pink highlights.
  10. I've been going crazy with colors ever since.
  11. Here's a of various colors I've done. To
  12. There's a good chance this will be me as an old woman.
  13. My sister-in-law even made me a tie dye pillow case because I kept staining all my others.
    I use it every night!