My daughter went vegan almost a year ago. Trying to be supportive, I educated myself as much as possible & many times opted to make vegan dinners for all of us instead of fix her something separate. Over time, I decided I didn't need meat anymore. Here are things I've noticed in my 3 months of being meat free.
  1. I'm only limited by my imagination
    At first, I was like "what will I eat!?", then I'm like "gah! There's so much good stuff out there!"
  2. I'm annoyed when restaurants have no decent vegan options.
    I mean, COME ON. You got a BOOK for a menu and all you got is a freaking salad?
  3. That time I did a vegan whole food plan for a month
    Wow. Slept better than I have in months. Ate 4,000 + calories a day and lost weight. Felt. So. Good.
  4. But I love cheese.
    It's like my family.
  5. TBH. I sometimes miss fried chicken.
    I guess when you've eaten it for over 40 years, that's expected.
  6. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.
    I mostly say this to my daughter in restaurant situations. She's soft spoken and doesn't want to put anyone out.