Inspired by @Cara_duhh
  1. Prentiss Houston
    He was a homeless man Joe and I befriended in Atlanta. He said he had relatives in Charlotte and wanted to go there. We bought him a bus ticket and never saw him again. When we moved to Charlotte, we wondered if he ever made it here. We've tried Googling him. I hope he's doing well.
  2. Leah from the NC rest area
    Leah stopped me to compliment my hair. She was in her mid-fifties and was using a walker. We talked for probably 20 minutes. She has cancer and is going through her third round of chemo. She wants to do something fun with her hair when it grows back. I pray for her a lot, but I wish I had prayed with her that day. I regret not doing that.
  3. Roxy
    She road my bus in elementary school. She didn't have a lot of friends and I regret not getting to know her better. Everyone needs a friend named Roxy. She was nice. I wonder where she is today.
  4. The German teacher at Children's College
    I attended this kids' college every Saturday one summer. My sister took cooking & art class. I signed up for drama and cooking. The first day I went to drama, the teacher wasn't there yet and the kids were having roller chair races. I grabbed a chair and jumped right in. This girl looks at me and goes "Copycat!". I walked out of the room & cried in the hall. This German teacher asked me what was wrong. I told him. He basically said don't listen to stupid people like that. My mantra ever since.
  5. Bo McComas
    He was my first real boyfriend. He was the sweetest. I'm not sure why we broke up. He knew I loved to write and got me a journal for my poetry. I still have it. He struggled with drug addiction over the years, but got back on track and was doing well. Married and had some beautiful kids. Divorced, but still doing great. I got a call from my mom the morning of October 25, 2007. Bo had died in a single vehicle car crash. He rounded a curve too fast. I just cried for the longest time.
  6. Uncle Jay
    He wasn't my uncle, but that's what everyone called him. We started visiting him in the nursing home when my youngest daughter was still in her carrier. He used to sell Charles Chips and his wife had owned a dress shop. Her name was Ruby. When Uncle Jay died I sang at his funeral. And by sing I mean I got through one verse and the course before completely breaking down. He was the sweetest man. (Madden looks possessed in this photo 😂)