Reasons why I'm in a maniacally good mood today.

This has been a banner freaking week so far.
  1. We have a buyer for our house and we're under contract.
  2. My messed up Achilles has been totally pain free for several days.
    Tendinitis in my Achilles knocked me out of running a little over a year ago. I'm FINALLY having more good days than bad.
  3. I slept through the entire freaking night.
    It did require that my snoring husband sleep on the couch last night, but I have no shits to give. Sorry, babe.
  4. Even though I could barely walk from Monday's workout, I made it through today's.
  5. I lost 4 pounds!
    16 more to go!
  6. My outfit today is aDORable.
    The skirt has pockets, too. I'm slightly obsessed.
  7. I woke up with NO migraine!
    I had a migraine Sunday, Monday, AND Tuesday. Migraines suck.
  8. I have a job interview Friday!
    I'm interviewing for the editor position with the magazine at which I began my writing career. I've enjoyed a great career as a freelance travel writer and copywriter. However, the lure of a steady paycheck is strong. 🤗 Plus new dresses.
  9. There's no stopping me today, people.