Reasons why Stranger Things' Dustin is the best character in the history of characters.

Forever and amen.
  1. Shirt game is strong.
  2. He's not intimidated by the hierarchy of friendships.
    When Mike & Lucas were on the outs, and Dustin was the peacemaker 😍. Dustin acknowledged that Mike & Lucas knew each other longer, and it was obvious they were best friends. Not threatened in the least.
  3. Endearing lisp and voice cracks.
  4. He's the smartest one in the group.
    Exhibit A: figured out the magnetic field issue. Exhibit B: sensory deprivation tank
  5. Loyalty
    With a blade to his neck, he still begged Mike not to jump.
  6. Sense of humor & appropriately timed cursing.
  7. I mean, come on! Am I right?!