Seemingly mundane things that bring me happiness and satisfaction

Inspired by @TeenyMe
  1. When I'm in a super cold building for a long time, then finally walk out into the warm day.
    The opposite is true in the winter.
  2. That first Autumn-ish day after a brutally hot summer.
  3. When the microwave spins my coffee cup around perfectly and the handle is right in front.
  4. A good hair day.
  5. The beach any day of the year.
  6. When my kids thank me out of the blue for something.
  7. When I stumble on a Harry Potter movie marathon and I have no other obligations for the day.
  8. Being slightly sunburned and a tad chilly. Not sure why but a slight chill with a bit of a pinkish burn is oddly satisfying.
    Suggested by   @classyAF
  9. Scooping the first bit of Noxema out of a fresh tub.
    Suggested by   @doodler19