1. In the early days of the Grove Park Inn (it opened in 1913), guests could get their money washed to get rid of germs.
  2. Frederick Olmstead, the landscape designer hired by George Vanderbilt for the Biltmore, is credited with saving the area's forests.
    Much of the area had already been over forested. He replanted 3-5 million trees. Also, if any tree had to be removed because of damage or death, they replaced it with the EXACT same tree.
  3. Restaurants in Asheville don't ignore vegetarians and vegans.
    I was there this weekend and dined out every meal. I was impressed at how vegan and vegetarian menu options were not just an after thought.
  4. Drug testing in the sports world isn't new.
    During the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, they had "urine tasters". These people had the job of drinking athletes' urine and determining if they had taken illegal herbs to enhance their athletic performance. It was a real honor to be a urine taster.