Things I'm nervous and excited about for Camp Horizon.

@justjills and I are headed to Camp Horizon tomorrow to be counselors for the next 4 days. Camp Horizon is organized by the Downs Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte. This is Jill's 3rd yr. She's a pro & could totally run the whole thing now. It's my first year. 😁 camp is a 1:1 ratio of kids to counselors, so we each get our own camper!
  1. Excited about - an hour and a half road trip with @justjills
    It will be filled with Hamilton songs (sung terribly by me, expertly by Jill) and catching up. Really, the thought of any opportunity to spend time in the company of Jill makes me incredibly happy. She's the best.
  2. Nervous about - rinsing shampoo out of my camper's head.
    My camper needs shampoo help. Her bio indicated that she doesn't like water in her face. I'm scared I'll get all the water in her face and traumatize her.
  3. Excited about - the camp theme.
    Heroes! We get to decorate our cabins, and everything will have a hero vibe. @justjills had the BRILLIANT idea to make hero masks for each camper. So we did. It was fun. I even packed my Wonder Woman underwear. Fully committed.
  4. Nervous about - my camper not liking me.
    What if she doesn't want to do what I ask her to do? What if she runs away from me? What if she hates me? These are realistic fears I have, people.
  5. Excited about - hanging out with Jill!
    Even though her camper is a boy, he's the same age as my camper girl. That means we'll do all our activities together during the day. I'm super stoked.
  6. Nervous about - I had a bean burrito for lunch today.
    I'm not sure how much my cabin mates are going to like that.
  7. Excited about - these precious kids!
    Even though I'm scared I'm going to be the worse counselor on the planet, the thought of spending 4 days with these amazing kids makes me positively giddy.