My girls are in public school now. We love it, but I do wax nostalgia sometimes for the "good old days".
  1. Learning stuff.
    When I was in school, it was drudgery. Drama and band were the only classes I truly enjoyed (geek alert!🤓). Homeschooling gave me the opportunity to learn all kinds of things - and it was actually enjoyable this time around.
  2. Reading aloud.
    They had individual reading time. But at some point in the day we huddled on the couch or in bed and I read to them. My favorites were Chronicles of Narnia, wrinkle in Time, and anything Roald Dahl.
  3. PJs
    School uniform pretty much.
  4. Hanging out with my girls.
    Having conversations with them throughout the day, and being there to see them "get" a subject were priceless moments for me.
  5. Sleeping late-ish.
    While I liked getting school started by 8:30, it was still nice not to have to wake up at 6:15 each morning to whisk them off somewhere.
  6. Flexible travel.
    I probably miss this the most. I'm a travel writer. When we homeschooled, I could take them with me on some trips. We could take off whenever we wanted without fear of too many absences. We'd also take off and visit family for a week, or head to the beach for a "field trip" about marine life. I think it's what they miss most about homeschooling, too. 😂
  7. Field trips with friends.
    One year, we created an unofficial co-op with some of our homeschooling friends we enjoyed hanging out with. We scheduled a field trip together every single month. It was my favorite year, I think.
  8. That sweet American Girl phase when they did school with us, too.
    I mean, can you even?! 😭
  9. Not sure what that stick of deodorant on the table's about, tho. 😂
  10. What I don't miss...
    Being responsible for an entire school year of curriculum and constant self doubt about whether my kids are learning (they're getting pretty much straight A's in public school, so I guess I fretted over nothing!). That's pretty much it.
  11. Good memories!