I'm traveling for business today. My brain in a list.
  1. I'm just ONE song into this Hamilton soundtrack and I already have goosebumps.
    I'm such a nerd.
  2. I hope my windshield doesn't get hit by another rock. That would suck.
  3. Oh my gosh. The girl on the train is ME.
  4. Man I have to pee so bad.
  5. Dang, how big IS this Chick-fil-A parking lot?
  6. That's either a drug deal or an affair over there.
  7. What if I witnessed a drug deal? Would they shoot me?
  8. That would suck if my last meal was Chick-fil-A.
    I mean, I like Chick-fil-A. But I wouldn't want it as my last meal.
  9. It's much harder to eat and drive than I thought.
  10. I need to add "dapple" to my Favorite Words list.
  11. The sandwich would be better with bacon.
  12. Bacon sometimes reminds me of poor people.
    In elementary school there was a girl who rode my bus. Her house was really rundown. And her clothes were hand-me-downs. Whenever she got on the bus in the morning, she always smelled like bacon. I always thought it wouldn't be so bad not to have much, as long as you had bacon.
  13. I wonder if many other women my age tilt back the french fry container to get all the little bits of fries left.
    It's my favorite part.