Things I wish I could share with my mom one last time.

Inspired by @jasnarsk
  1. An inappropriately hilarious greeting card
    She sent me this when I lived in Atlanta
  2. The last two seasons of Downton Abbey
    It was the last thing we watched together when she was in the hospital. She let me eat her sherbet & we took Downton Abbey character quizzes after.
  3. Making biscuits.
    Or spaghetti. Or fudge. Or any number of her special recipes that I took for granted and never wrote down.
  4. My birthday
    Every single year she would call me and give me the play by play of my birth. Time. Day. Hours of painful labor - she liked to dwell on that one.
  5. Her birthday
    So many gifts I still want to get her. Countless times I've said: Mom would have loved this.
  6. England together.
    It was her dream to go. I told her if I was ever assigned a press trip, she'd go with me. I wish I assigned our own press trip.