Things I would give up coffee for.

  1. A 14-day, all expense paid trip to Fiji
    I mean seriously. Wouldn't you?
  2. A motorcycle ride / road trip with Norman Reedus
  3. The abs of a 22-year-old fitness model
  4. To be a hero Walker on an episode of The Walking Dead
  5. A long hug from Kit Harington
    I bet he smells really good.
  6. A lifetime supply of Cakebread Cellars Cabernet
    So good.
  7. A ride in the Vomit Comet
  8. To be one of Frank Sinatra's backup singers
    I realize this involves time travel, but it's my list. Back off.
  9. A never fading tan without skin cancer
  10. To be able to sing like Adele
    And to have her eyeliner skills