Thanks for the request @justjills ! After working as a freelance travel writer & copywriter for 16 years, I just accepted a job as editor of two AAA publications. I worked here 16 years ago as their PR manager. I've essentially taken the job of my old boss (he retired a couple of years ago).
  1. Dang. When am I going to have time to list?
  2. A desk by the window overlooking my domain. Sweet!
  3. I get to make important decisions!
  4. And I'm boss of like 3 people!
  5. Giphy
  6. This is going to be awesome.
  7. I have to set up my voice mail on this landline office phone.
  8. I do miss my stretchy pants & flannel shirt.
    Wonder if it would be acceptable for casual Friday.
  9. Is this really happening?! This is going to be UH mazing.
  10. Giphy downsized medium