Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. My youngest daughter had her honors chorus concert. She's the one in the middle. She was stressed about the amount of extra room she had in the top part of her dress (after 2 alterations 😳).
  2. A gift from a coworker and friend. She had a bunch of super kind things to say when she gave it to me 💕
  3. Selfie with some of my favorite work gifts. The cheeseburger cat in space mug is EVERYTHING.
  4. My yawning cat.
  5. Cheering with @justjills ! It sucked that she was sick, but even a sick Jill is a super fun Jill to be around. She's flawless.
  6. One of my favorite meals this month. Likely one of the reasons I'm at my heaviest weight since pregnancy 🙄
  7. New Year's Eve in Hilton Head with these fools.
  8. Christmas Eve movie with the fam