What I'd Offer in The @KristyTolley Monthly Subscription Box

  1. A vintage handkerchief.
    I have quite a collection. Giving them away would be a great excuse to buy more!
  2. An essential oil blend specifically blended for what you need.
    Have trouble sleeping? I'll whip you up some lavender and vetiver. Need to cheer up? Here's some orange, ylang ylang, and patchouli!
  3. A tiny seashell.
    They're an instant vacation. Everyone should have shells.
  4. A bag of paper ephemera.
    Perfect for adding some kitschy love to your journal.
  5. Gel pens.
    So many pretty colors!
  6. A Lisa Frank folder.
    To hold your paper ephemera.
  7. A hug.
    Everyone needs a good hug on a regular basis.