It's only new to us. It was built in the mid-90s. We just moved from over 4,000 square feet of living space to just over 1,800. It's smaller than our first "starter" home 😂.
  1. It won't take me 45 minutes to vacuum my whole house.
    That is no exaggeration, folks.
  2. We have a real fireplace.
    We never could have a fire in our old house without being consumed by gas odors.
  3. These cabinets.
    Ignore the mess. We LITERALLY just moved in yesterday.
  4. Wine (and coffee) bar!!
    The best use of limited space in my opinion.
  5. These bookshelves 💕💕
    They flank the stone fireplace. I have so many plans!
  6. The floors are super squeaky.
    It reminds me of my parents' house.💜
  7. Less mortgage payment and less spent on utilities saves us almost $1,000 a month.