We won't judge if you have to sleep with the lights on from now on. To read these + 10 other stories:
  1. The Grave Wager
    A group of girls at a slumber party discuss the death of an elderly neighbor, and a bet (with scary consequences) is made.
  2. The Hook
    A Lover's Lane make out session ends early when a radio announcement warns of a dangerous escapee.
  3. Overtoun Bridge
    A bridge with a violent history earned the title as the meeting place between the living and dead.
  4. The Babysitter
    A teen babysitter begins to receive unnerving phone calls from a man who's closer than she thinks.
  5. The Appointment
    In an attempt to trick fate, a young boy runs away from death (only to end up exactly where he should be).
  6. The Body Under the Mattress
    A couple checks into a motel and soon finds out they aren't alone...
  7. Buried Alive
    A doctor goes ahead with a premature burial resulting in the torturous death of a loved one.
  8. There's Room for One More
    A woman repeatedly sees an eerie man who's only words are an ominous invitation.
  9. The Headless Bride
    Disowned by her family, a young bride loses more than her husband when her wedding goes awry.