The weird, the wacky, the wonderful. Plan your next road trip in advance:
  1. National Hollerin' Contest
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    A NC tradition since 1969. Vocal champions are crowned in four categories — distress, functional, communicative and pleasure.
  2. Humungus Fungus Fest
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    Home to the world’s largest living fungus (about 100 tons), a town in Michigan holds a yearly festival to honor it.
  3. Jumping Frog Jubilee
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    One of the longest running events in California. Since 1893, the current record jump was set in 1986 by Rosie the Ribeter who jumped over 21 feet.
  4. Tall Stacks
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    Held every few years along the Cincinnati shoreline, the Tall Stacks festival celebrates the city’s riverboat heritage.
  5. Testy Festy
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    The week-long Montana food festival attracts more than 15,000 visitors to try Rocky Mountain Oysters, better known as bull testicles.
  6. Spam Jam
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    The Waikiki Spam Jam is an annual block party on the island of Oahu, where residents consume more spam per person than in any other state in the country.
  7. Balloon Fiesta
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    The annual Albuquerque festival features over 750 hot air balloons and is considered the largest festival of its kind in the world.
  8. Woollybear Festival
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    The fixation with the Woollybear Caterpillar started more than 30 years ago when an Ohio weatherman wanted to celebrate the insect’s talent in forecasting.
  9. Calle Ocho
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    Down in South Florida, residents celebrate the local Hispanic culture. It even set the record for the longest Conga line back in '98!
  10. Underwater Music Festival
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    Held in the Florida Keys, this festival draws several hundred divers and snorkelers to enjoy the sound of music below the ocean surface.