From all-natural cleaning aides to refreshing beauty products, it's time to get spicy.
  1. Household Cleaning Spray
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    This all-natural cleaning powerhouse skips chemicals and irritants in favor of everyday food scraps.
  2. Honey-Cinnamon Face Mask
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    Cinnamon and honey are the bacteria-destroying power couple out to save your face.
  3. Dry Shampoo
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    With individual recipes for different hair colors, you'l find the perfect formula (and excuse to sleep in).
  4. Seasonal Air Freshener
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    Be warned: the scent of cinnamon and orange working through your home can make you verrrry hungry...
  5. Apple & Cinnamon Granola Bars
    3e1da957 1c25 401b 93c5 d6e412eb02d1 always keep some of these on hand to make sure hunger pangs don't result in a junk food binge!
  6. Soothing Cinnamon Tea
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    The perfect remedy for the sore and scratchy throats that seem to pop up this time of year.
  7. All-Natural Mouthwash
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    Antibacterial, odor-killing and as always, all-natural!