Forget bottles and soda cans, there's a whole weird world of things that can see a second life:
  1. Golf balls
    With over 300 million golf balls headed to the land fill each year, do your part to lessen the load.
  2. Sex toys
    Once sterilized and sorted, mechanical parts can be refurbished & plastics are ground up and remolded.
  3. Old trophies
    If you're ready to let go of your spelling bee glory, a company is willing to melt it for reuse.
  4. Wine corks
    Cork is highly sustainable, and can be remade into everything from shoe soles to automotive parts!
  5. Packing peanuts
    Your local shipping store will gladly take these pesky boys off your hands.
  6. Techno-trash
    Either by refurbishing or by breaking products down, several companies have found ways to keep your old tech staying relevant.
  7. Inhalers
    See if your pharmacy participates in the "Complete the Cycle" program!
  8. Tights
    Don't toss those torn tights! Things like park benches and carpet can be made from old pantyhose.
  9. Makeup
    Some major makeup brands accept old packaging in exchange for credit or free product.
  10. Holiday lights
    When your lights are on their last strand, send them to HolidayLEDs for a coupon for fresh bulbs.