& many more! Xx
  1. Kelsey Diane Presnall
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    2 years since she passed and not a day gets easier. This is us in Memphis before I moved back to TX. She has tears in her eyes - the only time I ever saw her cry.
  2. Huge bath tubs
    First thing I'm doing when I get into Texas tomorrow night - pouring a giant bath in my aunt's jacuzzi with a shit ton of salt. Ahh silence.
  3. Backyards
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    Nothing beats a book and watching deer with my grandparents.
  4. Porches
    But first coffee.
  5. Driving
    Only because a steering wheel drum is my best instrument.
  6. Lakes
    Maybe because I was baptized in one?
  7. Living so close to my grandparents
    Refer above for their backyard. Also, the most wise & loving couple you will ever meet. 50 years strong #rolemodels
  8. HEB
    The best grocery store in all of the land. COMBO LOCO anyone?
  9. Having no bills
    Bills suck
  10. False eyelashes
    Style : Sexy gorgeous
  11. Texas winters
    Winter in NY can go to hell
  12. Sleep
    I can barely keep my eyes open writing this list
  13. Clear skin
    Psoriasis is no fun
  14. My cat Athena
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    Had him for 15 years until an idiot put him outside and he ran away. 😿
  15. Breakfast tacos
    All day every day
  16. Endless bowls of salsa at any Mexican restaurant in TX
  17. Playing sports
    I sort of miss softball. The smell of dirt, sunflower seeds & being aggressive B E AGGRESSIVE
  18. Beaches
    I only went to the beach once this year. Wtf
  19. Family
    Christmas can't come soon enough
  20. A significant other
    A steady lay & someone who adores me
  21. Living alone
    Mainly because I love cooking at 2am, blasting music & walking around nude whenever I feel like it.
  22. Sleep
    Did I mention how tired I am?