I still don't know...
  1. A rock star.
    My family keeps their Christmas sweater game 💯
  2. A dirty dancer.
    Because who doesn't want a man to say "nobody puts baby in the corner"
  3. A killer whale trainer.
    I would practice "ladies and gentlemen .. Shamu!!" over & over in my room.
  4. A rock star.
    3rd grade Christmas concert.
  5. A cast member on SNL
    I used to make up characters and record them with a web camera. This is one of them... Rude sports fan.
  6. A professional mascot.
    I'm in there somewhere smiling.
  7. Painter
  8. Jewelry designer
    Then I discovered Legos
  9. Matthew McConaughey's wife
    Is that how you spell his name?
  10. Music photographer
    Here I am at the first show I shot 😍
  11. Rock star
  12. Power ranger.
  13. Fitness instructor / manager
    Figured I could still try to train whales.
  14. Bartender / manager / hopeful bar owner
    Obviously a good time
  15. DJ
  16. I'm still growing up 😝
  17. But all I want to do is have some fun
  18. And I got a feeling that means a few more drunk selfies
  19. And dogs I might sleep with along the way
  20. Hopefully I'll get there