Proof that dogs make life better.
  1. Izzy's fur is softer than any burly man I've ever slept with.
    I actually have a thing for hairy men. Go figure.
  2. Izzy doesn't mind if I put my cold feet on her
    As long as I'm not kicking her off the bed. She owns this bed as much as I do.
  3. Izzy has no problem expressing herself
    The only command I've never been able to teach her "get outta my face"
  4. Izzy doesn't mind if I want to spend all day in bed watching episodes of Friday night lights.
  5. Izzy's fur is the perfect tissue for tears
    Can't count how many nights I've cried with her by my side
  6. Izzy is ok with me being clingy
    In fact , she probably wouldn't mind me being more clingy.
  7. Izzy is fine if I fart on her. I honestly think she secretly likes it.
    No worries about holding it in.
  8. Izzy's fur is like a Mongolian pillow
    Just needs more maintenance
  9. Izzy is a real life hot water plush
    Winter is never better.
  10. Izzy gets me
  11. Izzy will let me play whatever records I want
    So what if I play Sturgil right after Jamie xx
  12. Izzy loves my family
    She is excited to go home for Christmas.
  13. Izzy loves my friends
    Seriously... All of them
  14. And their dogs too
    Izzy loves whisky.. Obviously (she is mine ya know)
  15. Izzy will always listen to me
    Even if I'm making her pose for a Thanksgiving photo.
  16. Izzy is all about hugs
    That's a real hug
  17. Izzy is the perfect date
    Wine, cheese & movie? Fine by me.
  18. Izzy is my real life stuffed animal
    Just look at that face. Nuff said