Proof that dogs make life better.
  1. Izzy's fur is softer than any burly man I've ever slept with.
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    I actually have a thing for hairy men. Go figure.
  2. Izzy doesn't mind if I put my cold feet on her
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    As long as I'm not kicking her off the bed. She owns this bed as much as I do.
  3. Izzy has no problem expressing herself
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    The only command I've never been able to teach her "get outta my face"
  4. Izzy doesn't mind if I want to spend all day in bed watching episodes of Friday night lights.
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  5. Izzy's fur is the perfect tissue for tears
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    Can't count how many nights I've cried with her by my side
  6. Izzy is ok with me being clingy
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    In fact , she probably wouldn't mind me being more clingy.
  7. Izzy is fine if I fart on her. I honestly think she secretly likes it.
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    No worries about holding it in.
  8. Izzy's fur is like a Mongolian pillow
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    Just needs more maintenance
  9. Izzy is a real life hot water plush
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    Winter is never better.
  10. Izzy gets me
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  11. Izzy will let me play whatever records I want
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    So what if I play Sturgil right after Jamie xx
  12. Izzy loves my family
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    She is excited to go home for Christmas.
  13. Izzy loves my friends
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    Seriously... All of them
  14. And their dogs too
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    Izzy loves whisky.. Obviously (she is mine ya know)
  15. Izzy will always listen to me
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    Even if I'm making her pose for a Thanksgiving photo.
  16. Izzy is all about hugs
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    That's a real hug
  17. Izzy is the perfect date
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    Wine, cheese & movie? Fine by me.
  18. Izzy is my real life stuffed animal
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    Just look at that face. Nuff said