Fight Club Rules of a Cuddle Party

Or how I imagine one would operate
  1. 1st Rule of Cuddle Party: You do not talk about Cuddle Party...
  2. 2nd Rule of Cuddle Party: You do NOT TALK ABOUT CUDDLE PARTY!
    most ppl just won't get it
  3. 3rd Rule of Cuddle Party: If someone says stop, the cuddling is over
    Seriously don't be creepy dude
  4. 4th rule: Two people per cuddle
    We live in a civilized society...
  5. 5th rule: Only one cuddle partner at a time fellas.
    ...we're not fucking animals!
  6. 6th rule: No shirts, no shoes... NO SERVICE
    If you have to ask, you know it's wrong
  7. 7th rule: Cuddling will go on as long as it has to
    Or until 10 because I want to catch the new episode of Mr. Robot tonight
  8. And the 8th and Final Rule: If this is your first time at a Cuddle Party, you HAVE to cuddle.