and how to spot when it's happening to you
  1. Hey bro
  2. Duuuuude
  3. Hello friend
  4. Is it Ms or Mrs...?
    emphasis on the ... & maybe you'll get lucky. With the name I mean, the rest is all you
  5. Hey I gotta show you this article, send me your contact info and I'll send the link
    Your newsfeed is probably filled with stupid articles that for once will be useful
  6. I heard from the grapevine that your real "legal" name is...
    Get creative with this one
  7. How do you spell your name
    This may backfire with names like AJ or Joe
  8. Sup chief!
    My personal favorite
  9. How's it going boss
    Don't use this one at work
  10. Cough cough excuse me I'll be right back
    Go to the bathroom and search on a mutual friends Facebook page
  11. Hey are you on LinkedIn?
    Networking & avoiding an awkward moment!? Oh yeah your totally gonna make partner one day!
  12. Hi...(🤔big ears, dumbo, dumbo is an elephant, and elephants are the mascot to the GOP, yeah he does kind of look like that one guy with the water bottle...💡🤓)Marco!
  13. I'm sorry but I am absolutely terrible with names, can you remind me
    Good luck getting a 2nd date with that one