I have a dream to one day start my own successful business. As part of my brainstorming process, I write down lists of business ideas, starting first with a writing prompt that guides my writing. Write down any idea, no matter how bad, abstract, impractical, funny, stupid, impossible, overly simplistic, or copycat. Share the worst, keep the best!
  1. Don't be a dick social media filter
  2. Check your privilege app
    I think this would be funny in a sarcastic way
  3. Phone friend: pay someone to communicate and befriend your parents you put in the old folks home etc.
  4. Roomba for lawns
    (I don't think this is really all too bad but I'm not doing it so please take it)
  5. Life: A collaborative book where you make decision X or Y and flip to the corresponding page that leads to a unique real life story
    (Example: you pick a college major then you have x amount of people in that field write out a life story, like an infinite decision tree that shows you where your life could ends up after several key decisions)
  6. Social Media Bully Ball Buster
    -need I explain more?
  7. Crypto currency for cats and dogs
    (Not mine actually, thank you Talladega Nights)