Confession: I have never really watched Star Wars. I think I've seen the first one ("episode IV," according to my brother), but that's about it. However, my brothers are huge Star Wars fans, and they convinced me to watch episode VII with them. Needless to say, I was a bit confused. Here are some of the thoughts I had while watching:
  1. Storm troopers are humans??
    I thought they were robots.
  2. Hey, there's Keira Knightly!
    It wasn't Keira Knightly.
  3. Where Is Darth Vader?
    My brothers: "OMG, he's dead."
  4. Are Kylo Ren and Rey twins??
  5. Is Luke Rey's father?
    Rey... I am your father.
  6. Who is Rey?
  7. Where is Yoda?
    My brothers: "Also dead."
  8. Is that Darth Vader's skull?
    My brothers: "Helmet."
  9. That pilot looks like Elvis.
  10. The Nazis are in Star Wars??
    My brothers: "That's the First Order!"
  11. There's Gollum!
    My brothers: ........-_-
  12. Who is Rey??
    My brothers: "Nobody knows! Stop talking!"
  13. Fine.