Things you think of when your ex's gf is pregnant
  1. "Aweee his gonna be a dad"
    The genuine initial feeling
  2. "Hmmm, and I don't even have a serious relationship"
    My brain, over thinking things.
  3. "Why would they get pregnant if his not even happy with his job?"
    Me, being proud of being happy with my career.
  4. "It's probably gonna be an ugly baby"
    I don't feel proud of this thought, but now that I'm not with him... I can't remember why I thought he was good looking, and the gf kinda looks like him (weird, I know)
  5. "Am I running out of time?"
    I'm 31, should I just have a kid before I get older?
  6. "Is having a kid before I get older a selfish thing to do?
    Of course it is, I would never have a kid just to have one. Scratch that thought.
  7. "Did they get married? Or having a kid out of wedlock?"
    Why does that matter?
  8. "Do I even want kids?"
    Real concern of mine.
  9. "She does look much older than him, I think that's why they got pregnant... Her biological clock was ticking"
    For real, she looks way older.