Guilty pleasures

Except I don't feel any guilt.
  1. Nicotine
    "I only have two vices: smoking and green eyed men."
  2. Law & Order
    SVU exclusively. No one watches Criminal Intent. No one.
  3. Overpriced cosmetics.
    I don't know why I own a small Sephora. I still look the same. It's all a lie.
  4. Beans.
    Mexican food cures the soul of its troubles. I've done the leg-work.
  5. Hibernating.
    I love a day when I only have to communicate with my canine, don't have to tame my fro for the public, and can essentially be useless to society.
  6. Journaling.
    I have my mother's brain and I refuse to forget.
  7. Audiobooks.
    This is new but I'm hooked! It's worth noting that I also buy every book I "read" in hard copy as well. Both redundant and necessary. Even still, technology bums me out a bit. My wallet feels guilt.
  8. The smell of gasoline, wet cement, saw dust, lawn clippings and other weirdness.
  9. Netflixing in the background.
    I can't get ready without something streaming. This is also why I'm almost always late. Not proud, but not sorry.
  10. Repeat watching.
    I don't fancy movies and shows I've never seen before. What if I don't like it? That would be a time-waster for sure. And that's something I'd feel guilty about.
  11. Dogs.
    Mostly mine. But maybe yours too.