A look at LA's Thanksgiving week in photos
  1. Thanksgiving at Downtown Women's Center
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    On Thanksgiving Day, Mayor Garcetti and Los Angeles First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland met with the courageous women of the Downtown Women's Center
  2. Giving Thanks for Courage
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    "Your courage is my reason to be thankful this year." - Mayor Eric Garcetti on Thanksgiving at the Downtown Women's Center
  3. Make it Mar Vista!
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    The LA Great Streets Team took to Mar Vista for Small Business Saturday bringing curb appeal to a whole new level.
  4. Small Business Saturday
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    In Mar Vista, pop-up parklets, murals, and art exhibits were seen up and down the LA Great Street for Small Business Saturday.
  5. Firefighter Graduation
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    LA graduated 52 new firefighters to the rank of LAFD
  6. New Class of Firefighters
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    The graduating firefighters had their first day of duty on Thanksgiving.
  7. LA Fleet Week 2016
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    Mayor Garcetti and the US Navy announced that Los Angeles will host Fleet Week 2016
  8. Port of LA
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    The Ports of LA and Long Beach, which will harbor the US Navy ships for Fleet Week, are the economic anchor of our region accounting for approximately 40% of US trade.
  9. Homewalk 2015
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    Over 10,000 Angelenos participated in United Way's Homewalk which raised over $1 million to combat homelessness.
  10. DTLA Skyline
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    Downtown LA's new skyline is beginning to take shape.